A comprehensive Safeguard Mechanism strategy for energy & resources companies

A comprehensive Safeguard Mechanism strategy for energy & resources companies

By Dr David T Kearns (Sustainable Services) and Raphael Wood (Market Advisory Group)

This article is a practical strategy guide on the forecasting, regulatory, technical and carbon market aspects of facilities affected by the ERF Safeguard Mechanism.

The Safeguard Mechanism presents risks to industrial businesses in Australia. ACCUs are not readily available in this market and demand will increase over time, so it is incumbent on carbon & environment professionals to manage your emissions profiles and make longer term plans to ensure you meet your obligations.

I’ve written this article with Environment and Carbon managers in mind. If that’s you, you may wish to skip straight to the strategy overview section.

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Fuel cells - what are they, benefits and disadvantages

Following up last week’s #WithASharpie video, this week I look at a way to avoid the issue with heat engines having to throw away waste heat (and therefore losing efficiency) - fuel cells!

This gives you a brief into to what they are, how they work and why they can be much more efficient that conventional forms of electricity generation.

Why do power stations throw away heat?

I was asked online recently why is it that large (coal or gas) power stations have those big plumes of water vapour coming from their cooling towers. It seems like a big waste - why burn fuel if you’re just going to throw away all that heat?

In this video I explain why it’s necessary for thermal power stations to get rid of waste heat. This has implications for any any system that uses fuels to make mechanical energy or electricity.

Correcting activity data

Another #WithASharpie video, where I discuss how to make your carbon reporting activity data more accurate, using the calibration reports you’re already paying for.

Carbon Management vs Carbon Reporting

This is the first of my #WithASharpie videos, where I explain various concepts around energy, sustainability, carbon, Big Data / Machine learning, and other technical topics.

This one covers a common misconception - that carbon management is not the same as carbon reporting. There is so much more to the topic.