Australia's Greenhouse Gas Emissions have risen over past 4 years. It's time to turn that around, permanently

The Australian Dept. of the Environment and Energy quietly released Australia’s latest Greenhouse Gas inventory earlier this week. The report is here.

In Dec 2013 Australia’s total GHG inventory was 519.8 Mt CO2-e In Dec 2017 the total was 533.7 Mt CO2-e.

This is an increase of 2.7% in 4 years. Falls in emissions from the electricity sector have been more than offset by rises in other parts of the economy. Solar, wind and batteries are fantastic but they can’t do all the heavy lifting - we also need other parts of the economy to come to the party.

We are wasting time we don’t have. Our current policies are failing to even hold emissions steady, let alone reduce them in line with our Paris commitments. And net zero seems a very very long way off.

There is a capable and determined community of businesses, entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, tradies, other professionals and everyday people in this country ready and willing to deal with our GHG emissions challenge. But we can’t do it without supportive policies that provide resources and opportunities.

It’s time to turn this trend around. Permanently.

About David T Kearns

I'm an independent professional working in energy, carbon, sustainability and machine learning