The renewables revolution is just getting started

Renewable energy is very much the topic for the Twenty-teens.

But it’s so much more than #electricity generation from #solarPV and #wind (as great as those technologies are).

It’s also:

  • hydropower - traditionally harnessed from dams, now expanding into power from water currents, waves and tides.
  • biomass energy can provide heat, mechanical power or electrical power. Sources include landfill gas, crop residues, fuel crops (e.g. corn, sugar), and waste-to-energy. 2nd generation biofuels (from non-food crops), biomass gasification, and microalgae-derived fuels are all in heavy development.
  • geothermal heat can be converted to electricity in locations with good (high temperature) hot water or rocks underground. The costs can be high but it’s a reliable and steady source.
  • solarthermal gets less attention than solar PV, but at scale provides options for industrial heating as well as electricity.

The renewables revolution is only just getting started.

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I'm an independent professional working in energy, carbon, sustainability and machine learning